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I have quite highly requested item for review I got quite a few requests to review this air brush and mini compressor kit and fortunately popular marketplace bangles were kind enough and provided one unit for review airbrush tattoo ink, so insight of this box, we have one air brush host with two screw connections, one air brush with convenient carry case tattoo airbrush.Air brush holder that mounts onto compressor, of course most important part of this kit is compressor itself.As you can see that’s quite basic compressor with only one button pressure adjustment valve and one screw connection for a house, also, it includes very simple, but also very important accessory moisture trap compressor unit is powered by twelve volt power supply, so let’s talk about good things, first air brush kit is very compact compressor unit weighs under 500 grams zo’s connection has proper screw mount, unlike those press fit connections, you will find in cheap compressors that means compressor is compatible with most popular accessories.Before we start testing I will say a few words about your brush itself, so this is quite popular and common model and I have used similar air brush for years so it is quite good air brush for beginners, it is dwell action has big color cup and lid on top construction is quite simple, and it will be very easy to maintain.Included spanner will help you to change nozzle, so it’s time to talk about cons of this compressor, you already know that this compressor has pressure controls, however it is very primitive regulator that’s a simple limiting valve that releases air or contains it inside of compressor, you can’t really tell what level of pressure is currently enabled compressor is not very powerful, so I would recommend you to set maximum pressure anyway there is also four rubber feet to reduce sliding on table and minimize noise levels in a few seconds, you will see how effective it is just to give you an idea about noise levels I will first use a spray can. Yeah.As you can see noise level is quite high and rubber feet are not working at all.I have found a solution for sliding problem by simply placing compressor on a phone.HMM.Compressor has no outer stop function, and it is running constantly all the time.Also, you can hear changes in noise pitch when I press trigger that is simply based on build up of pressure as I said before pressure is adjustable by simply releasing some air. So now that’s finally time for testing and I will start from common modeling scenarios, so that would be painting dots lines and shading.As you can see a brush is easily controllable and I am able to achieve different intensities and dots.Yeah.Yeah.Thanks.This kind of flexibility will be more than enough for general purpose model making.I have to mention that included air brush needle size is quite big, if you are building lots of aircraft models I would recommend you to get airbrush tattoo with modern needle and nozzle sizes, for example 0.2 or zero point fifteen and gladly included air brake hose is compatible with most airbrush tattoo kit like harder and steam bag I wa to sparks and others I am pouring primer into cup and we’ll start priming this car interior, if you listen carefully, you will hear how airbrush tattoos struggling because compressor is reaching pressure limits, it is necessary to make such tests because cheaper air brushes usually struggle while spraying fingerpaint. Full modeling test number two I’m spraying this car bumper with nice red color.Yeah.So this is our finished test species and result is actually quite good primer finishes quite smooth and unified, and it proves that you can use this kind of air brush for model making, of course this kind of air brushed it is not perfect, compressor is eating quickly and you have to take lots of breaks in order to finish one model, also there is no precise pressure adjustment, and it is necessary if you like to paint lots of aircraft camouflage is if you are not very serious about scale modeling and you can live with that noise it generates this could be a nice solution for you, if you are a beginner air brush artist and you plan on painting pictures, or maybe t-shirt you will need something more powerful because included compressor is simply too weak.

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