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I’m sure you’re probably gonna forget and that’s perfectly normal what is microblading eyebrows, so in your after care bag that looks a little bit like this, you got some instructions on how to take care of your micro blading, so I want you to remember a few really important things, number one you always want to use clean hands when you’re working or touching your tattoo or permanent makeup because you don’t want to risk infection, you also only want to use the after care that’s been provided to you so I’ve given you probably some ad ointment, or maybe I’ve given you a little tube of brows, eyes and lips, so depending on which after care I’ve given you that’s what you’re gonna use if you happen to run out, you can always go to the store and get some vitamins a and d ointment in the baby section, just make sure that it’s ointment, not cream is microblading permanent.Another thing, you’re gonna want to know how to do is to wash your hair, so I provided you with some shower shields, these shower shields have a sticker that you peel off and once you peel it off, you can stick it to your forehead.And now it’s protected to protecting all of the work that they’re now there’s a stay pretty sticky honestly and they’re not really touching the actual brow, so if you wipe it down you can always use it just wipe don’t wipe the sticky part just wipe the front down in case there’s any moisture on there from you know just the breathing and the condensation, you can use these up to twice each year very sticky, so it might feel like you’re peeling off a bandaid, so be warned, let’s also talk about what you do with the soap that you get so I give you some soapy water.In your bag after seven days you’re gonna want to dispose of this okay you no longer have to use the soap, this is really important, the first three to five days days five six and seven it’s really just a matter of just staying in the habit of keeping your brows clean, but after that you can resume using your normal soaps and your normal care that you would use for the rest of your face, let’s talk about just general instructions.On day one when you leave here that is considered day one when you leave here with the fresh brows, you’re gonna want to make sure that you’re wiping any limp that builds up now lymph technically looks like juice or it looks like wetness moisture sweat beads on the brow area, when you see that if you let that dry up it will turn into a scab so you want to make sure to take your sterile water, wipe if you’re on the go, that’s why I give them to you open it up and you’re gonna.Gently wipe that limbs off okay if you don’t have any limp building up you can go ahead and reapply some ointment, and when I say reapply I don’t mean you have to put a lot, this is not like a wound and you don’t want to suffocate the brow so you’re gonna take a little bit of your of your ointment put just a rice grain de mount on your q tip, of course with clean hands you’re going to take your q tip and you’re going to go in the direction of your hair as well as behind, the hair you want to make sure that the ointments actually touching the skin, okay, that’s the most important thing you’re going to apply that ointment about every hour especially if you have dry skin, now if you have very oily skin, chances are you probably got a combo brow, but if you got a micro bladed brow you’re gonna apply that the appointment maybe every two hours. Now that’s on day one okay right before you go to sleep on day one you’ll take some of the soapy water that I’ve given you take your cotton pad or your sterile water, wipe put a little bit of water on it and just gently wipe away all of the ointment, that’s built up throughout the day, okay then you’re gonna reapply that last thin layer and go to bed I do recommend that you use some darker bed sheets or pillowcases so that you don’t stay in your bed because it is normal to see pigment everyday as you’re wiping your gonna see pigment but you’re not actually getting it out of the skin, it’s basically what’s closing up and superficial on the surface, so if I wouldn’t recommend having white pillowcases day two here we are now you wake up in the morning you showered you used your shower shields you washed your face like normal, but you pretended like your brows did not exist you didn’t touch your brows because a lot of times our cleansers are much stronger than the soap that I’ve given you they might have.Chemicals in them like a retinal they might have some kind of acid like a colic or salic acid, you don’t want anything to get into those brows, so I recommend that you wash your face, gently all around, and then take a damp cloth and just wipe away any excess soap that’s on your face, and then you treat your brows separate from your face so you’ll take your soapy water again, you can wash your hands, take a little bit of soap gently make some bubbles and just go into the brow making sure that you’re getting any of that buildup and that everything is coming off, then you take your cotton pad.And wipe that away once you wipe it away, you can now take your q tip and your ointment put a little bit on there.Again reapply make sure that you get in the hairs and behind the hairs.And then you’re good to go around lunchtime, you’re gonna find that you’re gonna feel a little bit dry, so if you feel dry before then, feel free to reapply some ointment, this is really a very very customized after care because you have to feel your brows and to know when to reapply if they feel itchy if they feel tight if they feel like you just want to scratch so bad that usually means that they’re getting dry and we don’t want them to get dry OK, we want the brows to feel moisturizing but also not suffocated because when you suffocate it actually pulls pigment out as well, and it creates more build up and we don’t want that buildup to eventually turn into a scab, and if they’re too dry, then you’ll start flaking prematurely and every flake that falls off takes along some pigment with it, so then you’ll have splashy brows so it’s really important to find that happy medium.Feel free to reapply throughout the day again a good rule of thumb so you don’t forget his morning noon and night but you’re only going to wash in the morning and at night, that’s when you want to get all the build-up off from the night before and all the build-up off from the entire day. How long will you need to do this for so typically you’re going to heal within five days so anywhere from three to seven days is our average time frame, some people heal really quickly, some people take a little bit longer, now if you are diabetic or if you have impaired healing, it might take you a little bit longer to heal so you’re going to continue this process past seven days until you find that your skin is fully fully closed and how do you know it’s closed.

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