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I’ll put the playlist down below it’s quite fun airbrush booth, it’s sort of your hobby journey from nearly a year ago now, um I think when painting a first model that song there she also has a twitch stream which is clear album blood which you can now follow along you can paint on there you do you do hobby stuff generally or sometimes just drinking wine eating cheese and so do check that out as well, but in this video you’re going to air brush the meals, you’ve got very little air brushing experience, really I think I did do a how to air brush video a few weeks Kurt you haven’t already seen that you are thinking about air brushing because you’re watching this video, then do check that one out as well, but basically we’re going to go through the model leave you with everything and I’ll catch you guys back at the end airbrush tattoo.These other models, cara is painting today, she has three of the eels from the IDF deep kin from age sigma Xi has a 2000 point army ready to go and the air brush seems like the best way to break the back of this army were here Oliver’s out, I’m in I’m ready to go, so I watched this video and I feel like now is the time to do a beginner video from a beginner for beginners, you can learn with me as I’m doing it we’ll work our way through the mistakes as they happen and just to note I don’t have any gloves, you can wear gloves, it probably should wear gloves, it’s not that essential painted fingers aren’t Julia but I don’t have them in my hands are too small for the ones we have here also I’m not going to be wearing a mask mainly because I can’t talk and wear a mask at the same time, but you should definitely wear a mask don’t get mad at the comments because you should be wearing a mask I just won’t be you know if I’m in the comment section I haven’t died from painting that would be a good thing other than that yeah I’m excited to get going and I hope.Learn something while doing this and you learn something while doing this and it might turn into a what not to do but we’ll see, so, thanks for joining me okay, we’re ready to go, I’m ready to go, are you ready to go, are you ready to go okay, okay, okay, okay, I’m actually not ready, that’s fine right we’re going to air some eels if I can do it, you can do it because I am a novice, so what we’ve got our surface primer, I’m using this big old massive thing that somebody put down here for you know into that surface primer, but in general, it’s a surface and so I have my thinner my cleaner my pain. More paint, now the colors that I wanted, um, actually, um, some regular old citadel pop paint so you don’t have to use airplanes, if you don’t want I do have a white and black, so I want to surface prime with black and then do as NFL highlight with white which people tell me is a good thing to do, but I don’t know if that’s true because I’ve never knocked on it, so it could be fake I’ve got my air brush compressor that’s a beer can, and you can see that but I’m kind of hide it there, but then I just told you about it, okay.And I’ve got my paint mixer, add some water models that we need okay.I’ve suddenly forgotten how to air brush, turn on air brush step on the air Bush, we will be using in this video was sent to me by the air brush company, so thank you very much, this is the spa Max Max four air brush with a point for needle and the air brush mini compressor a lovely piece of kit under 200 pounds in a great place to get you started I’ll drop a link down below so you can check it out for yourselves, so I actually have that set to five now I don’t understand what those units mean PS I probably don’t know what that stands for or if that’s good but I’ve used it fine before and it didn’t explode, so that’s what I’m gonna be using it at and we’re just gonna go on surface prime this bad boy, so I’m going to take some thinner.And pop some in there, now I wish I had a sheet of paper or something I want to ruin this good side of the mat as well I just put a few drops of thinner in and get our surface primer as well, well I need a paintbrush.Ouch, personally I use the vallejo air brush thinner air brush cleaner and flow improvement, but that is completely down to you as to what you want to use any other products I’m sure just as good and the surface prime here, we are using is the Airbus vallejo black comics. In there with a crappy old paintbrush.Now I’m actually going to backwash it to mix a little bit empty everybody said don’t do that because it will blow a hole to your hand, but I haven’t had that experience yet but I will let you know if the end of this video was shot in the hospital, we’ve had an issue, I’m actually going to spray a little bit here just to see if it’s thick enough or thin enough and it looks fine to me now I’ll be honest when people do that I don’t entirely know what I’m looking for I’ve done it before, where I’ve been like that’s definitely too thin, because just water but do test it just so you can see.Like if it’s not coming out at all it’s probably too thick, so I think that’s fine and so I’m gonna just spray the whole thing. Loc.Now, as I said I am a novice at this, so I do make mistakes.So this is just my experience doing things as a novice. So you’re not gonna want to spray, one area too long or it’s going to be too wet, you’re gonna have a lot of run Marks which isn’t good now, if you find that, um it’s not coming out as it used to just blast it full blast on a sheet of paper or something maybe not on your actual map, but um.If there’s any tiny little clogs, that’s gonna blast it out of there it’s better to do in short bursts as well rather than just constantly going I don’t know why people just say that it is and I believe so I’ve I’ve painted myself into a corner and I don’t particularly want to paint my fingers, so I’m going to move on to the next model and then when that one’s dry I’ll hold it by the end, welcome back.It’s really trial and error as well because one issue I had when I started was how do you know if it’s too thick and how do you know if it’s too thin, you will just know if you’re using it you’re like I don’t know if it’s too thick or too thin, it’s neither because it’s working fine, there’s very obvious things that are going to go wrong, if it’s too thin too thin, it’s going to start running. And you’ll just know so it just takes practice.Here we go, ten, um’s are primed I recommend making sure you get nice, even coverage when you do this because this is going to be the full base layer for everything else you do get into those nooks and crannies get into all the finer details because the air brush allows you to do it so I’ve got an empty pass, I’ve got a pot of water, I’m just gonna pour a little bit of water in there that was a bit much and then tip it out straight away as that gets any loose paint out do that a couple of times.And then I’m gonna run a little bit of water through the air brush.That’s probably fine whoops, now I’m gonna put a tiny bit of water in there and you can use your tissue or finger or whatever you want because there will be a little bit of dried paint inside the bowl using a bit of tissue or cloth is probably the best way to go because you can just scoop it out like that, there’s not much in there though and then pour it out.I want a little bit more water through if you were finished painting and you weren’t going to do anymore, you could run your painter threw it at this point, now the reason that’s happening is when I was transporting it I think the sponge got wet that normally doesn’t happen and that’s it it’s ready for your next paint he or she is using the air layer white make sure you get this nice and thin to keep it nice and flat and get a good coverage, so now that we have our base on we’re gonna do our little highlight and I normally use the liquor tax why pink but I don’t have that with me today, so I’m gonna be using the model air ballet, oh white paint, which needs a good shake, so I’m gonna use my vortex shaker mixer thing.Which is really satisfying to you.Sometimes it does send the pain pop flying across the room though so I don’t know if I’m just doing it well, the paint shaker has been a new addition to my Arsenal for painting and I love it I did a video recently do check that out, I’ll leave a link just above and I’m going to turn the compressor on.Oh that’s so disappointing, where’s the shop, right, so again I’m gonna mix it back this way and I’m going to test a little bit.Now that is too watery for sure because it’s basically see-through so I’m just gonna add a little bit more in give it another mix to use an old brush, but a nice long soft brush, so you’re not damaging anything inside, it’s always go little mix and try again.So that’s definitely better, so what you’re gonna do is hold it pick an angle and just keep it at the same angle from above it’s supposed to be where the light hits but it’s not going to be naturally where the light hits because you’re going to do the same from both sides, so I like to start off the model and that way you don’t accidentally last it too hard.Don’t forget the big cloud gate, don’t forget you can just blast it through.For me the xenophobia is an important part of painting, a model because it lets you see where the shadows are and it kind of sketches out where you want to put the highlights.It also allows you to apply a good base coat, and here we’re using the zeros purple as a flat color to cover the entire model, so give a little mix.I think this is gonna be way too thin but let’s have a look.No I actually think that’s fine having a white piece of paper beside you to practice on and I think it’s quite helpful.That is good to thin, which is better than you think.So again, you want lots of nice thin layers.And you don’t want to do the same part for too long. HMM.So if you can see I don’t touch it when it’s too wet, you can definitely tell the bits that were under coated lighter, so you’ve already got that gradient in there before you do any highlights or any low lights, no lights, the term people use in painting is when you do care depending on the strength of the genital you’ve applied you could leave your model here it does look very good and for a beginner that might be a good thing to do just put a strong’s NFL on apply a flat base color, and it will naturally color itself, but here we’re going to go another step further and apply a face colour into the shadows for using nag Roth night into the shadows to really bring out those recesses so we’re going from underneath.I’m just checking it on the back of my hand to see if that’s actually coming out now you are better off holding this at an angle to catch all those little details.I feel like this isn’t gonna take much shading.So you can see where I’ve put it too close there so I’m going to blast it with just air and try and dry a little bit but we can fix that later anyway okay once you’ve done all the bottom bit like I’ve just done and take a little step back and you want to see where the actual shadows would be and that’s where you want to go over it again.I feel like this model going to look really good from one side and then you turn around its gonna crap, but pretty much everyone I’ve ever painted has a good sign, there’s no way I’m alone on that.The reason I keep putting it back on my hands I have a really bad habit of being too afraid to pull the trigger back enough and so I’m just checking that paint is actually coming out because sometimes.Sometimes it doesn’t okay I’m happy with that, now there is a little bit of a patch back here that I blasted too hard earlier so I’m just gonna try and put another little layer over that to hide it, it seems to have worked pretty well so I’m happy with that I think Korea has done a great job here, you can see the creases and the folds in this eel flesh because she has applied the darker color from underneath at a slight angle to make it pop even more though we’re going to put a third color on this and this is a highlight, we’re using g stealer purple up onto the higher parts of the model to really make it pop now, if this isn’t light enough I might have to go with another lighter color, this is the part that I find most difficult, so when I was using the nice I was using the shade I basically did all of the bottom whereas when I’m highlighting I don’t want to do just along the top you want to pick out the points that are going to get the most light and I also want to make it sure and do it at an angle so that I catch these little bits and that’s all well and good to say, but the likelihood of me actually doing that.We’ll just hope for the best it would be easier as well, if I had it on a stand.Yeah. I’m going to do a lot of really thin layers, and we will have to go back and probably do this a few times.Oops.I’d like to say that doesn’t happen often, but I always find my hands are very small I do find that air brush quite difficult to manipulate.I think that looks pretty good so I’m gonna let that dry for a couple of seconds before I try and do the other side panels on this budget but yeah that’s how she’s looking for another couple of layers, I’d say that’s where I slept this model is almost finished I know she’s going to apply a tiny bit more, but what a difference those extra coats is made the light here is very strong, but the model is looking excellent, you can see now where she supplied the highlights where she supplied the shadows and where the base coat is sitting so essentially that is where we’re at at which I’m quite happy with I might do a tad bit more there and there but then what I would do after this is done is I will go back with my lightest color or even lighter than that again and do all your ledge highlights that way but as for painting the main body of this that’s pretty much it finished I’m going to get one more touch up and then I’m calling it done because I know I will overdo with other ways, these are some of curious first model, she’s air brushed and I am really really impressed and I hope you guys can take something from this.Get some confidence together there get stuck in with the ambush because it isn’t that difficult, it just takes time, just takes practice and I hope this video has taught you something well don’t care or I am really proud and really impressed with this there you have it, that’s the model, all air brushed up and done, how did you feel that went could have gone better for them, whereas I’m really happy with how they turned out in the end I would like to bid on Youtube not making any mistakes but that’s not gonna happen, I’d like to think it’s a realistic video on how a beginner would ever wish so I’m happy with it and my models look I’d say so, I mean there’s a few things in there I think you’ve over sprayed a few times weve had some paint thicknesses sometimes too thin, sometimes too thick but that’s normal that’s learning like you said, um, it is, it is an experience and it is there’s no scientific way to thin your paints really it’s down to how thick I I think the paints are using how strong the pressure the air brushes so it’s always going to change and each paint react differently as well so you do see.You know you’ll just know when it’s too thick or too thin, and then I’m thinking I’m like yeah you know and it’s something you’ve learned so I think you did really well and that’s a quick way, you really forget those kinds of gradients and those highlights and shadows onto models quite easily without hours of wet blending or brushwork and it’s almost like a hobby, cheap, really I love it and I hope now you’re pushing more, may I hope you guys start air brushing more actually because there’s still a big fear factory I know a lot of people struggle using it as a tool, I’ve just come to use it more and more now it’s my main favorite thing I use in a hobby, I hope this video has shown you that it’s not that difficult, if kara can then you know most of you probably za yeah so thanks so much, guys I hope you enjoyed the video, um do make sure to hit the subscribe button, check out all the links below make sure to go check out kara’s twitch channel as well here album blood links are down there she does painting to in fact be probably.

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