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Many people comment and wonder the exact same thing well cameraman does not hold a nail Tech license that I’m aware of anyway at home gel manicure kit, and he purchased these four files through Amazon we’re going to see how they hold up, let’s get started, so our first drill that caravan found this would intrigue me because it is low noise, low vibration, this is 30,000 rpm I told cameramen what to look for and he did that, so this one is fifty eight ninety nine u shellac manicure.s dollars at the time you purchased that okay they got the little instructions a little yeah, okay.Oh it’s always so much fun getting new stuff, it’s purple, pretty color, hey put this out got a foot pedal holder and some drills, we made sure that I believe I made sure that all of them come with double beds because we have to use them OK OK, well it’s pretty I’ve seen these ones before I worked with them, so let me just get this set up for you it’s nice to have the little cradle, I’m not gonna use the foot pedal right now and these are the bits, oh they give you some extra rubber bands, that’s kind of nice okay, so let’s put this guy right here all the files we purchased our desktop so we wanted to compare apples to apples, okay.Okay, we don’t need any of this okay so most effects will come with the metal post, coordinate your drill always wants to have something in there so don’t you leave your desk at the end of the day and leave it with nothing in there so I’m just gonna take the metal post out then I’m gonna put one of these little. Okay.I’m just gonna put the Arbor band in it.See how well it works I’m curious, sometimes these wobbly, they don’t fit on very well, okay.And I’m going to slip it in.And tighten it back up okay so let me plug this guy in and I want to just see if it’s low noise and low vibration because when you’re working with drills in day in and day out or doing a climb or even just yourself for one shot one time a week, you don’t want it to vibrate so I’m going to turn it on to the hand speed was a little bit and I’m going to turn it on to.Not reverse, but forward.And let’s listen this is 30,000 rpm ‘s.Now, keep in mind I’ve been using professional high-end drills, my entire career, so I’m spoiled so I’m sort of testing the cheaper drills to see if they hold up.It’s not very noisy. It’s a funny little sound too, but it’s not very noisy, and if I like it because it starts quite at a low speed, which is what you want, when you’re finding those natural nails a lot of drills will start like.That’s too fast to work on the national you wanted to start nice and low like that this one does, and there’s no vibration it’s oh hang on.Yes, not totally smooth I will say. It goes up to a nice speed.You wouldn’t use it that loud hmm interesting what I’m having a problem with is I had perfect beautiful ten nails right now but I’m gonna have to ruin one because I really need to know if this is.Turn off the BAT.Hey, so what I’m having a problem with is I was trying to take this product off, see how it stalls right out like that, now if I turn it right up which I have the control to do that does it continue, does it doesn’t stall out it’s not bad, that’s what you want.Does it really have thought it did have a bit of a vibration at first but it really doesn’t I don’t know how long this would last doing a lot of nails as a professional day in day out.It’s holding its own there I’m able to take product off so much I took off right there okay, so if I’m working on a day in a day I have smaller hands I don’t particularly like this kind of a wide kind of hand piece, it’s too much for my little hands to hold all day long, it’s already like that, but it does have a nice grip on here it has this nice plastic grip, some of the higher end files, well if they have this part in here it’s softer this is really hard I wouldn’t want to hold this all day long to be totally honest with you, but if you’re just getting a drill and you want to do yourself, this is actually not bad, okay.SO.That was like I think it was sixty bucks was it’s not bad at all.Okay, um, I’m gonna unplug it here and put this one to the side makes it onto the next one and the purple color is actually kind of pretty I don’t mind that at all okay put that guy here and you know we’ll get into this, another video one day is the foot pedals I don’t know how that would work but I love a foot pedal can really save yourself some time, and this is kind of nice to have when you put your little drill inside there I will say I do like the events that are on top.Um, but it doesn’t have a place to hold your bits and look at these little things right.Those are diamond bits, they have their moment in use but they’re not a necessity bit they’re not like the top five that I would have look how easily you could lose those little things they don’t have a little place to keep it you could keep it in here, but every time you want to use a bit, you certainly don’t want to open this up and take it out every single time that would be a pain they did supply some of the upper bands because you do want to change those out, so that’s kind of nice okay, let’s put that guy over there.Okay, okay, it’s like Christmas I kind of like this reviewing stuff you buy more stuff camera, why not, he doesn’t know what he’s buying everyday something arrives to take his credit card away 4399 us this guy is and this is a melody susie drill, it’s called and there’s the instructions, no relation, no relation to me now they’ve supplied more bits, this was forty eight ninety nine is a little bit cheaper and they’ve got the mantra with some other bands and they’ve got some other bits again, these are not the bits that I would use as one of my top five that I must have every single time doing nails but they you know you find some use for those but it’s not crucially important okay, this is pretty, it’s a black and white looking drill to me I always go for the looks right it’s very light.Seriously.Okay, this is is the motor missing eyes super super light might be in that box right there, this would be the cord, okay I can’t believe how light this is I must tell you this weighs like it feels like a few ounces and this feels like it weighs a couple pounds not that there’s anything wrong with that there might be one thing wrong with that, let me just check it out, OK, so let me as much as I like opening up a box I can’t wait to get rid of it, okay.Motor and foot pedal, there is no foot pedal in this particular unit but it has a little outlet for it.Plugin I I don’t know these technical terms, and this guy is back here and I’m gonna plug it in rather than taking time to take that little I am just gonna plug it in right here.Okay, well, this is really nice looking I really like it where’s the vents.Don’t all girls have to have some sort of vent.Depends on the motor I guess so okay so they have not a cradle, that’s separate but they have it where you rest your hand piece right in there again this hand pieces, rather fat for me working all day I find it a bit thick and you open it up now they did not have the little metal piece in it isn’t that interesting, all drills were supposed to have that in there because something to do with the Chuck on the inside, you don’t want it to be tightened on nothing.Oh I find this annoying.Glue, no tape annoying okay, so let’s do the other band again and they got different grits, this is the course mino like courses, but I’d like the medium, the reason why I don’t like the course Arbor band is it’s too rough for the natural nail if you’re following the acrylic or the fake nail yeah the courses were great.But not for the natural nail, this is the only time I really use an upper band is for the natural nail okay, this is a good friction fit, which means it won’t come off easy which means it’s a pain to get off when you want to change it.OK, let’s get this guy in here.Can get tighten it up and. I do love the look at this, it’s also look it’s considerably smaller, if you just look at the size you know this matters only because it depends on your desk room, but the reason why I like awaited drill is because if you go to turn it on, if you’re looking on working on your little glass top or if it might, oh no it’s got little rubber feet, so it stops it from sliding that’s good, okay, usually the weight stops it from sliding but that’s good, okay.Well OK I didn’t expect that OK so it goes from a slow speed.Two I am like barely touching this style and it goes like really fast right away I don’t particularly like that.Okay, let’s see how slow we can get it for the natural nail.Prepping of the national ha I see something really bad, now this may have nothing to do with this company, but this.Drillbit is wobbling like crazy, which means this metal post just the metal post on the drill piece might just got bent may have nothing to do with this, but it could have everything to do with the hand piece.Hey.The reason why that’s bad you don’t want any type of wobble whatsoever because when you’re working on the nail, it wobbles and it feels awful to the client and it’s uncomfortable for yourself and you can feel that vibration going right through the hand piece when it’s at a faster speed can’t feel it so much, let’s go to the slower speed.Now, see if you can see it I just want to see if you can see that wobble.Do you see that wobble, if I hold my finger here.Oh I see it, yeah.That’s horrible now could simply just be the bits wobbling when it goes fast, you can’t feel it.But when it’s slow.Well, it stops, it has no pressure has no strength to continue, so let’s just move past that for SEC, okay see that, see how that stops so I am cranky let’s crank it up even more that’s loud.So if I’m trying to take product off.It stops see I can’t really take a lot of products off to see if I can shorten it a little bit whoo, that vibration goes right up my thumb.No, that’s uncomfortable okay, so that’s a bit wobbly for me and it’s a bit.Loud.Yeah cause when you in a salon and you’ve got the other you know people in salon talking and you’ve got the drill going and if you have a fan at all on your desk and the music is going you’re yelling at your client like that cool when you really crank it up it doesn’t stop when you’re trying to take product off but that’s a very uncomfortable vibration HM.Okay.So there’s slow out let’s just change the bit because that may have.The wobble might not have anything to do with.Damn.The hand piece, it might be all in a bit.Wobbling see that.See that wobble.You don’t want that okay so I don’t wanna.Put something down in case it’s not it we need to make sure that it’s exactly what it is, it may just be the bits. That’s gotta wobble too, so it might be just inside the hand piece, and it may have nothing to do with all the other drills that they put out it maybe just this one.But that’s the one that I have right now right yeah it’s got quite a bubble, you don’t want that okay so it’s cute I do like the smallness of it and the fact it does have the rubber feet won’t slide across but the wobble us.Yep.It’s a bummer OK, OK so let’s put that guy right there I just unplug him.And put all the bits there and again those bits that they’re supplying there are bits that you can use but they’re not a collection of the immediate four or five that I would definitely need to have so they’re just an accessory kind of it.Okay.See what else we zap ink, make sure I’m not throwing anything away, that’s important nothing in their nice little cradle again the same bits that’s it, the last girl just gave us a little extra, oh and they have this okay so this is a little holder rather than the crate, oh they have both that’s cute.Oh there we go okay, so who doesn’t love a drill called bell that’s cute and they got a foot pedal, okay and again, let’s just plug this guy in.Oh, and it’s got a little bit holders, this one didn’t have little bit holders in there but this one does right there. So this is obviously the on and off button and that’s where we plug in so I’m just gonna oh foot in hand, I’m sorry, that is the on and off button, but it also is the foot and hand were going to turn to the hand and I’m going to check out the hand piece and pieces are always the most exciting part for me because I really know it’s a big deal, I’m holding everyday all day, nice little wrapper and they got a little metal bit and I love the color, it’s adorable really pretty and it’s a little bit spongy, this rubber part.Looks like it has a nice little grip again little wide for me I don’t particularly like those bigger ones I don’t want to work with that all day long, but you know you’re doing one or two for yourself is totally cool, okay, and this guy.They’ll go okay, you always want it on fast forward too, if you’re right handed some switch the other way for left-handed okay, so let’s take out the little thing mcgee.And let’s get another tape thing, how I love that.I know why they do it just a pain to take off okay let’s do the manual again consistent.Look at that course one a that’s just a little working on acrylic would be fine but not for the natural nail so we won’t even go near them, and I’ll grab this one it’s medium, this one’s bent which is a bummer once they’re bent, that’s it. So I’m just gonna slip this on oh that went on really easy, which means it’ll be easy to take off okay just slip it in there tighten it up and let’s hear how this one sounds.Whoa, oh, it was already high, okay I like to start low and then work up to it and see what see what sounds like oh.Yeah.It’s very smooth, there’s no um wobbly.Um, there’s not much vibration it’s a bit of vibration in a drill, it’s such a tight vibration it that would be that would drive me nuts all the time.It’s almost like a you know your fingers fall asleep kind of that tingling feeling that’s what it makes it feel like I’ve been holding it for thirty seconds or so, so that’s not great, um, what I do not like I gotta tell you guys honestly right out of the gate.You see, when you turn it on, there’s no working up to a slow speed I am not going to come at my client, um, working the natural nail with that not to mean that you wouldn’t get this but I would not work on the natural nail with this particular drill if it’s going to be running that hot right out of the gate.You’ll want to prep the natural nail with a hand file, this would simply be for removing product or shaping acrylic or gel, not for the natural nail at all that is.That’s horrible I do not like not that the drill is horrible, it’s just too high of a speed to be starting with the natural nail at that point.So that’s not good.Let me just so I’m gonna put it on the lowest, oh my goodness, let’s just turn to the high speed and see what it sounds.If a nail technician came at me with this running this high I would run the other way. Even the medium the green area here way way way too much, so the low on this particular drill is the only area you’d work on and only in removing product and honestly I have to be honest with you, if that’s too fast it’s not necessary, you’re gonna burn people, it does slow down a little bit too, and I will say there is a little bit of a vibration is a good tickle, and that’s not very comfortable I just find this one is just too strong.So that has a lot to do with what I’m learning drills is the torque, so rpm’s isn’t the number one thing I always related it to that the stronger our PM is the better of the tortures but I’ve learned it’s the torque, so this torque is not that.Good because it stops when you I’m trying to get the lowest speed possible, which makes it run. And then when I’m doing this.That I guess has something to do with tort right caravan has everything to do with that mechanic were not torch means how much power it has how much push behind yeah, and this doesn’t have much power, when you start to turn so it’s not happy with the amount of pressure that I’m trying to take product off at that speed but I don’t want to run it at this speed, maybe it wouldn’t stop let’s just try it, oh my goodness, that’s not stopping that’s actually drilling through but that’s too too much to be right that this is my opinion guys, but this is too much, this is not comfortable, it feels like if I slipped I am going to choose the crap out of that finger and that’s not where we want to go, we do not it’s not necessary, it’s just not necessary.If I slip with this drill because I need that power to remove the product, but if I slip and it’s going to be easy to do because it’s much much too fast, if you slip into the natural nail you’re gonna choose the crap out of the cuticle I would not work with this it’s way way too fast way way too strong right out of the gate, if it LED up to that strength that’s an option you may or may not pick.But I needed to come nice and slow, even for just removing the gel, but I needed to be strong when I’m just removing the gel at a lower speed, so for me, this is a little bit too strong, but I like this is cute and I love the look of the hand piece.Okay.And again, they just applied the same bits that are pretty standard, more accessory bits, they’re not the top five that I would need this cute though I do like this color just a side note I like the more clear one as opposed to let’s keep them okay foot pedal and we’ll just put this one over here okay, so we’ve got the cadre and this one is the cheapest being at twenty three ninety eight copper yeah we picked you know really popular ones that people were buying it got a little note, isn’t that cute oh they give you two bags of the Arbor bands a’s a’s aesthetics go you know it’s great. Not that I have anything against grace just a little not pretty, and these yeah that’s pretty standard, oh, another bag of the harbor bends that’s great, oh and again the standard bits that we were talking about and the hand piece and they have all these you know information and instructions a deluxe glazing machine operation manual glazing I don’t know what that means.And this is the rate of speed is twenty are 20,000 rpm.Okay, so b and c it’s less rpm ‘s, but there will be yeah I have a little to learn between torque and the rpm’s I don’t know quite that area, all I can tell you is what I know that feels good, what works and what doesn’t.Okay so plug this guy in.Here’s the little thing, so the vents are on the side, there are no holes to put your drill bits in which of course is a bit of a pain but we are talking quite inexpensive drills mean you can’t expect to have all the elements that you particularly like especially someone like myself who’s developed, what I like to have in a professional drill in a 25 Dollar item, OK, this hand piece is interesting, it’s very short this way which is good I have short hands and it’s very wide and fat and the turning on things on the end piece I’ve ever seen that.OK, let’s get a bit in there no tape so they must have heard me okay, it’s a little bit of glue on there, that’s just the glue from where they make the.The upper band, okay.These are all pretty standard, you can see all of them look relatively the same.Oh interesting, this one I think was the cheapest present I can remember what we said the price was but there is no open and close its more friction fitted that one the other ones when you open and close you actually seal the bit in this does not have that this is simply friction fitted.Which I tend to hate because when you’re running your drill and working it, it could turn inside there that drives me crazy, um, this cord is the other ones were much more easier to work with this is really stiff. And very very short.Now I will say sometimes I hate the coil because when I’m working and I’ve got my drill over here, sometimes the edge of that coil or a coil piece will get caught on the edge of the desk and I’m trying yard it up to just a little thing, just a little thing I just wanted to tell you from my experience, not one of these little things benches on the side know that alone polls as I mentioned polls for bits, yeah none of that I think I mentioned that they’re going to turn it on.Little sign little little display their shows on wow whoo.Yeah.Well, you get what you pay for right listen listen to that.Oh, the poor little thing, no that is so loud I don’t know if you can hear that but just have a listen.It’s gonna take off yeah yeah it does sound a little Lane, I’ve been prop planes that were not as loud oh.I try to be polite and I try to be nice, but nope, nope, nope and nope.Oh, you could wear your watch, yeah my client to have to apply that for everybody in the slot okay, so this poor little thing, okay with all due respect, I’m you know again, you get what you pay for this is a really inexpensive little unit, if you just want to try it and you don’t know if you’re going to get into it just for fun or doing your toes or whatever maybe that would work but working on a daily basis or even just yourself trying to watch TV, you are able to hear anything.This is so loud even just the volume is so loud, it didn’t I don’t think it claimed anywhere that it was quiet but hmm. It’s horrible and not to mention them even if it was quiet, it starts off so fast, that’s not good, okay so let’s.Um, um, okay, so this would be just for removing enhancements, this is not for the natural nail, this is way too strong out of the gate for a natural nail so you’re gonna get this, prepare your natural nail with a hand file don’t do it with this thing, oh mommy there’s a bit of a wobble wobble, wobble wobble there’s a bit of wobble to it and I don’t like that, it’s especially really feels very uncomfortable towards the cuticle I would not torture with myself or my clients with this particular thing and I’m gonna know hmm, that’s really uncomfortable, and this is on the slowest, lowest setting I can barely get it down to so I have to say I don’t I wouldn’t care how cheap this was I would not use this on my natural nails effort, it does take me off the product, I’ll give it that.Oops, just not talking, no I’m not pressing very hard, so now I’m gonna go in for that I’m gonna go in for.See how it slows down like that and the problem with that is when the hand piece slows down like that the problem is it generates more heat and you have to put more pressure to get your product off which can generate heat through the client’s nail not good, so let’s turn it up, so maybe see if it doesn’t stop doing that which is stopping, we don’t want that.It’s still rotating but it’s not keeping its strength in there very much at all and near the cuticle is really uncomfortable me, no like that, oh yeah okay, so even if I’m just using this to remove acrylic and gel, um I find this way too much vibration near the cuticle. It must be the drill itself, because when I did turn it on it doesn’t seem to have a wobble, it’s not wobbling it’s actually pretty straight, but when you get it on the natural nail, the vibration of the whole unit is really uncomfortable, yeah, no I’m sorry, but I don’t like that mino leggy.No, not for me.Okay, I’m China, I’m trying to find something here that I’m.See even when I cranked it up a little harder it’s still stolen out, yeah, okay.Yeah.That was loud when you turn it off we really realized how loud that little guy was that is loud I would not want that, for every day for my clients use that’s for sure, no even at home I think that yeah like what is it, mom doing nails, what is that noise be horrible, so there you have it for drills effects that you can purchase through Amazon whether your licence or not you don’t have a license that I’m aware of not with that nails I do have to tell you though, if you’re going to buy a drill or an e file and you do not have a license I do highly recommend if you don’t have any experience with it work with these with plastic fingers or fake hands don’t do these on real people or yourself.

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