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We’re going to test another harbor freight air brush airbrush paint, this one is a dual action siphon feed which is a step up from the others, this one was twenty dollars and you get a few bucks off with a 20% off coupon, you can get it from the 24 sure now I was going to test airbrush booth.One of these, this is a ten Dollar Airbus from them it’s a more of that single action, that’s siphoned feed like the first one I tested by there’s a little more fancy, this is like a shaded but after buying two of them, both were broken A I actually gave up I ended up keeping it because I ended up keeping the glass jars.Which I can always use and then I got a couple of siphon jars with it, so I ended up keeping them just for the parts you know, but I I tried everything and they were definitely defective, but you know that being said I’ll keep the jars and I moved on to this one, because I’ve invested in one of these also.And let’s take a look at it now guys I say pulls apart off camera here we go, alright. All right come to the icebox compared to the other ones, that’s for sure.Another jar, no it is the same angle, yeah is the angles the same alright that’s good at least it’s a.It’s a metal fitting this time and glass jar.Much better quality much better alright actually wanna check the ever so let’s grab that first.OK, OK, nice manual with it too thick one alright let’s see we got.Nice cap I don’t use this kind of attachment so that can come off. For sure get rid of that I’ll use Maya.Let’s see right here, my quick connect I get a few of these that fit my.My quick connect valve here we go.There we go now, we just pop right on there anyway, yeah you can feel where they’re cheap, you know the action on this isn’t great we’ll know when we spray it it you can see it’s loose back here.You know we know you’re gonna get what you pay for a nice cap though cap is nice.Um I don’t know I searched and could not find the needle size sawing, a guess it’s probably a three. Or five the nozzles kind of nice.So I’m gonna get a three five three four five it’s gonna be above three I know it is.Now look at this stop, um, this is pretty funny, um. That almost turns it into a single action right guys if if the years coming out.If the paint will come out right at that point, so I guess that’s their way of having an adjuster on the back, but, um I don’t know about that, it’s a little silly.Um, let’s check this.Actually, look at this now I realize the cutout, it’s like my other one where you can undo here without having to take it all apart, that’s why you have this little handle, so to speak, this little nub, you can pull the needle out.Yep.Not the finest of meals, I’ll have to.Go over this.Yep.Not great.Not bad, let’s see.Nah, it’s pretty even it’s pretty even.Its pretty good, all right now put it back cause I’ll be tricky, let’s see oh no it’s not too bad.Yeah it doesn’t want to go back in.There it is, whoa, that was tricky man.Alright, now we’re back.I personally would rather have this off.When I’m working on it said.Yeah it’s fully back I can see it, yeah you could tell twenty dollars versus my hundred Dollar one there’s a huge. Difference huge difference, but hey.That’s 25 a not even twenty with a coupon that was even less, but alright there we go I never liked these cutouts personally it drags on my finger.Can you guys see it. So it’s always bothered me I ended up flipping it.This way, so it doesn’t drag but yeah let it go, but see how crooked it sets look it’s not even sitting evenly in the.It’s like pushed to one side.But hey, we’re gonna test, this primarily for primers which is really why I want to try it out, um, let’s check out this cup, let’s see.Yeah I don’t know that doesn’t. I’m not crazy about that, and it just tips too far when you go this way, the real good ones like the posh a have won it, but it comes out like this and it actually has it’s sitting level, this is just a.It just fits in hope I noticed something else guys, check this out, look with a siphon is it’s not at the very bottom it’s literally halfway up here, can you see it.If I can point this out.Yeah I use this stick right here, look at.That’s the siphon hole right there.Which means you’re probably gonna fill it up up to here with liquid for it to work. And then, if you’re tipping it.That it just it looks like it won’t work maybe up here I I’ll get my finger around it to hold, that’s me, but.And then you’re gonna nah I don’t I don’t see this working at all look.Right, there’s where it siphons in so you’ve gotta come pass because you’ve got to blow through some of this particularly with this hairbrush siphon feeds go through it quick.Look.See that line is the minimum where it’s going to be and there’s no cap I won’t use this at all, that’s my conclusion, stay away from that the draw of it is having these siphons and that’s what we’re going to get into right now so.Here’s the bonus with this should it work, good here’s where the draw is it’s in these glass jars where you can interchange now let’s see, yeah there you go goes I didn’t know at least I could put my finger around it, you know that other one I couldn’t do that at all, so this is good, now, you wanna switch boom, you get another one.Another color, you know I keep one I would keep one with thinner in it to clean it out, quick and switch, if you want to do multiple colors, you know, here’s the plastic one from a cheap one I just showed you that was defective but it’s at a different angle.Look at the angle difference, so it’s still work I imagine yeah it’ll still work.So let’s say I got a couple hours we’re gonna point down but see what I end up I end up spraying downward anyway, that’s not bad, so don’t work too, there’s a few now I got at least a few glass jars and I got those Mr hobby glass jars I spoke of now here’s the thing. I ordered a bunch of these empties and these are kind of cheap look at this now you now you’re gonna be spraying all day, look at this you can prime every kit, you got in one sitting.Now that was this one specific to this here is where I thought the draw comes in.It’s these caps that they sell I got these caps at hobby Lobby creative makes them and this is one of them here they come in extra on tube in case you want to go with a long bottle, but you can trim these as you want them and it has a cap so you can cap it off.All right now these will fit anything, let’s take the hose off, so I can show you how the capital fit, these are my genetic, these came from hobby Lobby for box.Before that a buck apiece right, this is one of them check this out.You another jar, the CFA fits me I take it fits yep.Look at this, I mean you trim the hose so it matches it up obviously it’s going to be longer.But look at that.And then you cap it and you can keep it in here now you’ve got this whole you need the ear hole, all you do for that is like I used to.You get some Scotch tape yep.And just cover the hole.Alright when you’re ready to spray.Peel that off take it off whatever’s in here you know you keep your pink that you want to keep what I did was for this video I printed these its a three two two eight o six labels, alright.And what you do is you pick what you want to put in here.And then you, um you, you just peel it off and you stick now I have here’s to Maya let me show you to mia.Now you go home guys.See that’s here’s the white primer I use this.All the time the surface primer liquid it’s made for air brushing but now and.The other thing I can do is we can trim it, you don’t have to keep all of.The sticker right is one just trim it up, nice.Let that stick to my paper there there we go. Hi guys, we’re doing all this in real time, no editing.Obviously right and we take a bit off the top.Alright, now check this out.Thanks.AH.Now I prep this I’ll thin it I’ll prep it and I’ll leave it in here all the time on myself when I want it pop the cap, take the tape off will put in here with spraying our primary, hopefully the gun works good because I’m doing all this, um, if it works good, but look at that now you prep.You prep this to thin it, keep it in here you trim up the tube accordingly.And there you go, right. How cool is that and now you put a bunch, I mean a buck or a buck a piece you grab these now these are not cheap, but I used a which mccall I used the coupon I got him for like a box, you know this was a separate when I paid a few bucks for I bought it separate to make sure it would work before I went out and got the package and use my coupon on that and then like I said, now I’m just gonna.You prep this stuff you thin it.Um, keep it in here and now it’s labeled white primer right now let’s check this out, there’s another thing I want to show you guys, you don’t even have to go that route.As it should fit in these jars now let’s see if this lid, this air brush cap.Obviously, the hose goes in fits directly.On an old clad bottle.It does.Look at that.Now you you trim all your hoses, you’ll probably get two hoses out of each of these yeah looks like it and then you trim it up.And you, spray it directly because he’s a priest and anyway now he’s spraying directly out of this, how, how great is that that is awesome, now let’s see if it’s a different kind of brand I know if it’s that.Alright, let’s see it fit star as.Probably doesn’t this looks like a different cap.I take it back, it fits the sunrays.Primers look at that now I made a sticker you four grey primer black if it didn’t work or if I wanted to go with the bigger bottle.And fill it up because I have a big bottle of it here.So I can I know the cap will fit that maybe that cap fits that I’ll have to try that but checked out, say a black primer gray and I was going to just label it like the other one. You and I also have my all clad primers.Which is here.What happened was the cap broke on this, so I had to put in one of my extra bottles see this bottle and I poured it right in it’s ready to go pre thinned but let’s see if this works.Yeah same size, look at that.So now that’s ready, so what you do on here is we’ll take this gray primer.I even put the number I put three oh two I researched it right, this is a little big like the last one so it’s trimming UPS one. Is true.Top not so much, but the sides when it wraps around the bottle too much.It might peel off here we go, alright.Here we go. Were labeled up and I’m ready to go whenever I want to spray I’ll peel the tape off I’ll block the lid with the tape, the little hole and then pop this off.And we’re good to go.It was spraying.My old clad grey primer.When you’re done you pop it out like I said keep one of these with thinner in it clear it out, this nothing to clean just put it back you, you cut your cleaning time in half.That is awesome alright, so now we have to see if the air brush works good, alright I showed you all these are all my empty bottles, these all fit this nozzle, this this cap.So you know I’ll get these and I’ll pick out which ones I want to do I’ll break out my labels, stan arrays, or do the grey primer because I also have hold on.I also have the gray primer.Right, and I also have a.A guy notes I have guy a primer also so I’ll priests in everything and put it maybe in these bigger bottles and just have it ready to go right anyway, let’s head over to the booth and we’ll see how the bus works I have no idea how it works we do one of these primers will do a color they will do, like three things to see how it works and we’ll take it from there, alright guys, I’ll see you at the booth. Alright guys, here we are at the booth and um, just a heads up.My quick release came down too far on this bottle, can you say it, so I had to go directly in with the hose and took off the quick release.No biggie I don’t have many of these giant bottles, they’re mostly that skinny type but because I had this one my primer all set to go.I figured now let’s try it, it looks like it’s working so.Let’s go ahead and test this out.Yeah.Now I think it’s really pushing some hair, oh there it goes alright I got this stuff goes out you can see it now it’s just a flat primer.Yeah.I had to change my filter looks like it’s pushing back a little but that’s it, I mean yeah check out the difference.So it went right on.I guess I can adjust the air compressor to I think I have it set for it recommends thirty but let’s try it at twenty it’s cool that I’m spraying it directly out of the bottle, which is awesome.I lowered it a little I don’t know what the difference is gonna be but let’s find out.Much more gentle, I guess you can get a little closer same result I’ll do a color next so we can see what’s going on here, you know.Boy, you can really cover a model quick, if you’re gonna prime a big aircraft model or whatnot.Wow, alright let’s change this out, we’re gonna flush it quick.In fact, let me see if I can do that now hold on.Here we go.What we do here is.Let’s flush it out so we’re gonna pop this off.The cap on.It just flush it.Let’s get these either here so we don’t rule them.Yeah.I can’t really back, watch, these I guess I guess you can still blow it out, those yeah it’s my hand. I think it just kicked in there.Let’s get a rag.No, it’s coming through clean now.There you go.I think you can bet yeah yeah.Back flush it just like you would any other one.Alright, that’s it, I’ll pop this off I’ll get another color and we’ll see how it goes, I’ll be right there.Alright guys, next up we’re gonna try some aqueous from Mr hobby with my hand shaking.AH.Here we go I said it about 5050 with lack of thinner.Alright, let’s see we got.And look at the whole you know ends up where you tilt it which is good.You know it’s pretty good, I mean if you’re using this just for lack for primers.You’re probably all set.But it’s spring that’s pretty good.It doesn’t advise the air as much as I would like the paint as well as I should say.There’s a quick test I haven’t really even work with this thing, yet just doing this real time you guys know.But it gets the job done. How’s that huh.Again, you know probably.Better than a spray can value wise.Yeah.I could open this thing right up.Let’s try something here, hold on what’s up.I don’t know how much control this thing’s got let’s say.I can’t get it.No, it’s not too bad. I guess that’s where we come in if you would pull us back together.If you want a line like this there’s still no pain.Let’s try.No, you gotta go ways back guys you get paint look there we go, okay.Look, how far back I had to put that.Even then, you’re still gonna go further back.Here you go.About to take off the protection cap.Wow I really got to pull this back as far as the school goes back. Australia.Not bad, though, I mean I’m not moving it back at all, I’m just pushing it in.So if you go to appreciate.Yes.I mean I go right here look let’s let’s drag the nozzle against the paper.Check that out.Hey, it’s not bad it gets the job done.AH.Let’s try turning up the air back to what they recommend on thirty.We can use the same paint.See if there’s a big difference cranking, this thing out, oh I forgot to turn the screw back, not that it matters there’s nothing coming out of that point.Alright ready. How much pain it dumps out.Yeah.Good looking purple, this obvious paint goes on really nice, it dries nice too.It seems to like the higher pressure better I’ll say that so the instructions were right, it likes it likes it at thirty PS I seem to have going on really good I thought it would have blown through the paint quicker there’s a lot still in there so.I was wrong there too.Hey, you know what, it’s not bad, it’s not bad, um.Alright, let’s try another color before we wrap this up.Alright guys I’m gonna go with a stunner as I’m gonna go with this black primer I shook it up well. Let’s just put it in its own regular jar here would just squeeze some in.Steroids requires no thinning.Um, if you guys are wondering this is also known as.One shot primer from ammo by meg.It’s the same thing, they just rebranded the packaging.SO.Here we go.Look at this it doesn’t. I don’t think it likes to spray it not thin, it seems to need it, oh never mind, alright.I couldn’t see it against a black background.Turn the air pressure back up I know it looks at thirty PS I particularly with these primers.Yeah.Let’s go for the all in one approach here, this database always looks bad but it dries beautiful.Sad.Horrible name. There you go.It works, it works good right.I try it’s gonna dry now, so I have to put this in the dehydrate or let this stuff dry, so I can continue with the video but um.And you know what the brush works, it works good, it’s it’s twenty bucks, it works good, you know I really can’t complain I’m alright let’s let these dry will head back at the bench and we’ll go over the results.Alright guys back at the bench and we’re going with some results here and it isn’t too bad, not the best I don’t think it advises the paint great neither did the hold on either did this one but I actually I think I like this one better, believe it or not I get a few more tests in this style, so we’ll see if this.A best one in this style, but this wasn’t bad and I’ll tell you where this one really shines well here’s the results, this is the primer.The all clad I mean flawless, this isn’t flawless.All cloud seems to spray itself, anyway, this is the aqua sa.Showing two spoons for this the same color, this is the obvious number 39 purple. This is like to me it’s it’s a it’s a hybrid acrylic acrylic lacquer, I mean if you put that on Ice.Right, and this is the signer is straight out of the bottle black, not bad, um, personally I would think this is shiny because this happens to be a.Black gloss, can you see it’s wearing off there but um.This one this one actually went on good this one on really good, personally I would think I would add a little bit of water, this is an acrylic per I would then I would do this I didn’t my normal brush anyway, so if you’re going to go with these acrylic based.Um, primers I would think a little bit, this was straight out of a job, but the all clad is really thin from the from the from the factory and that’s it now, um, the the highlight is the jar system where you get these these caps.Alright, and these hoses and you just put you get these bottles you can either get the bottles from from I got these at hobby Lobby, but you get anywhere I got mine at the ones I already had in my house were from um, ha, the medical supply store, that’s where you get them from just what you do is you take these with you and you try all the caps because these come empty and you pick the cap in a separate box, so take this and see which one fits and that’s how you seem to be universal because a lot of them are the size, this one fits that cap this one fits that cap, I mean they’re all kind of the same size. Um do you get to these larger sizes, now, these were really big, these were kind of about six bucks apiece before coupon, but these fit good to now, these are super big, now these are good to put your your big bottles in that should hold that whole san arrays, now what you can do is you can pre thin it and get it in here, but I think this is where this hairbrush an eis, this system, the um keeping your stuff labeled and it’s ready to go system, get these avery two to eight oh six labels, you know I labeled a bunch because I’m going to label a bunch of these bottles, son or as the primers.And like here you know we did this one we did this one and label them up and then you gotta cap afterwards, don’t forget when you’re done spraying just get a piece of.Clear tape. And you put over it and there should keep the air out and you’re good to go to the next time you just peel this off.Take this off.And into the FBI should go and that’s it, A I had a separate jar I kept their other jar here and I kept thinner in it or water whatever I was cleaning it with and popped it in and you blow it out it works with the back flush like your other air brushes and another thing I want to show you guys is I would do this.After after you blow it through dip, a these q tips I have these q tips, these swabs these gun cleaning swabs looking get right in there. You know twist it around and clean it out.And when you don’t have the jar on it I actually will flip it upside down.And hit my eye dropper, hold on pipe that here.Put this in your center and put a drop in there.Blow some right through and once you do that, then you come in with a cotton swab and clean her out and you should be good to go and you can swap out between why you paint if you want to do multiple different colors at once I don’t see a problem with it actually it’s not bad, it works I think it works best with this system I’ve created for where you label it and get these caps and go to town man, you can paint a lot with with these giant bottles at twenty bucks before coupon, you could probably get around 1617 bucks easy.Um, it’s probably worth it it’s probably worth it particularly as I said for this system I I’ve conceived for it, but anyway, that’s all that’s it I was going to paint more, but yeah you get the idea a flat pan or a glossy and the paint.

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